Friday, October 14, 2011

Big 6 Months!!

Sydnei has reached 6 months! And what a big day it was!! What a blessing in our lives she has been. We could never ask for a happier baby. She is always so content and willing to share her big smiles while staring at you with her big beautiful eyes.

Below is her first time trying rice cereal. Her big brother wanted to help out so he got to give her a couple spoon fulls. The next picture is the actual first time the spoon hit her mouth.

It is barely visible in the picture here but on her six month day, her first bottom tooth popped through. You can see the little white speck on the right (the left side of her mouth).

Dylan loves his little sister and always wants to be involved. And of course she adores him! She is always smiling at him, laughing at him when he is acting silly, and trying to reach for him if he is near. Here she is trying to grab on to him....

Here are some shots of her for her six month day with Kim's baby blanket wrapped around her. Below you will see two of her favorite things: those two fingers in her mouth all the time. Too cute!

And here is that beautiful smile of hers that just melts her parents hearts away!

Sydnei loves to stick out the tip of her tongue now. It is so adorable when she just stares at you with those eyes and her little tongue poking out.

Also on her six month day, Sydnei uttered out a Mama. This of course made Kim's day! She has said Dada previously though so Daddy still wins on that one!

Sydnei loves to stand now with Mom and Dad's help holding her up. She scoots around on the floor all the time. We are pretty sure she will be crawling sooner rather than later. The adventures never end in this household!!

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